So refreshingingly frank ! Oh Canada does need a tune-up. Some are bound to take offence. They take themselves too seriously. Dignity is all very well, but my grandad and uncles also fought in the Wars to guarantee our right to be silly and laugh at ourselves. Without a sense of humour what are we?

Canadians poking fun at Canada is one of the things that most defines us, as a nation. I lost relatives in WWII, too. My family put their lives on the line, in combat, across the European theatre. So what? What on earth has any of that to do with Mr. Shatner having a bit of good-natured fun on a day when he is being honoured as a great Canadian. Bravo.

A country that can laugh at itself shows the world it’s confidence in its own national identity. Well done Oh Canada and Mr Shatner for bringing a bit of humor in to what is actually a very important award. As a Scot living in England I can assure you that the rest of us think that Canada is an amazing country inhabited by friendly and humorous people. I hope one day I’ll be able to visit your country.

I find this extremely offensive on so many levels. How could anyone think this would be ok. Yes, maybe we are not as flag waving as pur neighbours to the south but can you imagine anyone making a farce of thier national anthem? Remember what happened to Rosanne Barr? As a son of a vet of the 2nd world war I am incensed. William Shatner should have known better.

I would like to know if the NFB publishes and opinions contrary to the opinions of those thinking Mr Shatners making fun of our national hymn is just the greatest thing. As an artist I resent it because my family members died defending our country Canada and Oh Canada is our national anthem and demands respect. If I had been asked (NOT A CHANCE) I would have declined for reason stated. I thought he had more class. Now NFB,,will you publish this,,we will see!

On Saturday night William Shatner signed my daughter’s Star Trek anthology. She is an 11 year old, dedicated Trekkie and going to the Governor General’s Awards Gala was her birthday present. Her delight in Mr. Shatner’s version of O Canada and the magnificent celebration of Canadian Arts have made this video and that night a permanent memory for me. How incredible it is to be Canadian, no matter how we sing it!

I can’t say I’ve been a huge fan of all the Mr Shatner has done in his career but after watching this video I realize the man has a real great sense of humour and a hilarious dead pan delivery. This video truly made me laugh and I’m proud to say he is one of us. Congrat’s on your Lifetime Achievement Award sir!

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