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The media is at it again. Rob Breakenridge has now written three opinion pieces trashing Danielle Smith. We get it, Rob, you don’t like her but you have a powerful platform (radio and print) to spread your word unchallenged.

D.M. Carter, Edmonton

Apology from Church inappropriate

As a non-Catholic and non-Indigenous person, I would not like to see the Pope apologize for the Roman Catholic Church’s participation in Canada’s Indigenous residential school system, as an institution. The failings of individuals working in the residential school system cannot be viewed as a failure of the Roman Catholic Church as a whole.

If that were the case, every bedrock institution in our lives from marriage, to families, and nations as a whole, would have no lasting credibility. Clearly, some institutions transcend the actions of individuals, and time. In a spirit of reconciliation, expressing sorrow and shame for what happened, and apologizing for the actions of some of our Christian brothers and sisters is appropriate, but apologizing for the Roman Catholic Church as a whole, would not be appropriate.

Do you remember in 2016 when the Wildrose and PCs warned that if the New Democrats brought in the 4.49-cent carbon tax, gas prices would go over a dollar a litre, and the Alberta economy would collapse? Now the price is $1.80. Where is the outrage from the UCP and the media? The cost of oil production is the same as last year.

Alberta gas retailers are earning an average of 35 cents per litre on gasoline while the national average is 15 cents. The oil companies are friends of the UCP, but they are not friends of consumers like you and me. Don’t blame Trudeau or Putin, we are being gouged by the locals.

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