Photo: Castanet Staff
David Bobbitt arriving at Penticton court in 2013.

A violent Okanagan offender is “not ready” to be released from prison, according to the Parole Board of Canada.

David Bobbitt, 46, was previously found guilty of a brutal assault on a young woman at Dave’s Second Hand Store in Penticton in 2011.

The female victim and her toddler went to the store in July of that year. Bobbitt then hit the woman from behind, held her captive for 11 hours and beat her repeatedly with a hammer, bit her and burned her, and sexually assaulted her multiple times.

The toddler was present throughout the multiple assaults.

Bobbitt was only stopped when the victim’s brother banged on the door of the store, prompting Bobbitt to escape through the back door.

The victim was found with numerous serious injuries, and her child was wearing a shirt covered in blood.

Bobbitt was captured and later found guilty in 2015, but then was eligible for parole in 2018 and 2020. Parole was denied both times.

The board came to the same conclusion on June 21, 2022, when once again Bobbitt was up for parole consideration.

“You continue to not fully accept responsibility for your actions and demonstrate no remorse. Your [case management team] are of the opinion you have not taken any significant steps to address your risk. You have told your [case management team] that you will not provide any release plans and will not attend a hearing. You have no employment prospects, no accommodation, nor any community programming interests,” reads the board’s decision directed at Bobbitt.

Bobbitt has exhibited violent behaviour while incarcerated, including threatening to “kill” or “murder” people in apparent frustration over being unable to control his circumstance.

“The board finds your [case management team] are aware of your treatment needs, have afforded you the opportunity to participate in risk relevant programming and have demonstrated a willingness to engage with you in order to address your risk to reoffend and advance your correctional plan. Any lack of progress in this regard is through your own doing.”

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