After long renovations with plenty of bumps along the way (not to mention the bureaucratic red tape the team had to contend with), Pamela Anderson‘s property is finally complete, for now at least! With renovations complete in The Cabin, where her family happily spent the holidays, and a fresh new look for the primary residence, The Boathouse, the team can celebrate their hard work and the romantic new look that Francesca and Pamela created together.

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The final piece of the project is the completion of The Pier, which extends the usable space out onto the water, something that was very important for self-proclaimed mermaid, Pamela. Darren and team built a boathouse for the kayaks that doubles as a seating area. It features clear windows to let plenty of light in.

“The pier is the most important part,” Pamela declares after the three-month-long project is finally complete. Luckily for her, she left for down south as Darren and the team completed the final lengthy renovation. Now, the new pier stretches out hundreds of feet into the water and provides the best view imaginable of the British Columbia property.

The Roadhouse porch gets a sweet update including a luxurious heated front porch, where Pamela held her Christmas dinner feast for her family. The beautiful new seating area will be the location of many family dinners going forward now that The Cabin is also complete and ready for guests to stay.

Another favourite spot for Pamela is the vegetable garden. A longtime vegan, Pamela can grow her own produce and nourish herself and her loved ones with the vegetables she grows herself on the property.

From the front porch at The Roadhouse, to The Potting Shed and The Pier, the romantic, light and white design continues throughout. The whole property has a vintage Parisian-inspired look that feels true to Pamela’s sexy and clean aesthetic.

…Probably wouldn’t smell as sweet as Pamela’s incredible rose garden, filled with her favourite imported roses. Working around her rose garden was one of the (many) challenges that the renovation crew was faced with, since Pamela didn’t want to see a single rosebud damaged during the construction. The newly built wooden swing is another oh-so Pamela addition, added later when she was struck with the bright idea.

Ever the hostess, Pamela needed a fresh update on her kitchen to allow her to host her loved ones better. This included a second oven (perfect for making those big holiday meals!) and a more open area where the little ones could lounge as the adults cook up a storm.

Taking it back to the first project the team tackled, the laundry room! Pamela needed more space for her overflow pantry items, which Francesca created in the pantry. The formerly dark and dingy basement area was transformed into a room where Pamela could enjoy doing laundry, a glass of rose wine in hand!

Here at Ladysmith, Pamela is able to find her forever home for herself and her collection of artwork and home decor that’s been boxed away for years. In the front room at The Roadhouse, Pamela’s eclectic and sexy decor can be seen through the erotic artwork and vintage touches.

From the front walkway with the highly contentious stone path to Pamela’s precious roses, the front of The Roadhouse is as charming as the inside. No stone was left unturned in the project (quite literally). There were laughs, tears and plenty of cheers.

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