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Esa Carriere was fatally stabbed on the evening of July 1, 2018 in downtown Kelowna.

One of the men involved in the fatal stabbing of Esa Carriere on Canada Day 2018 in Kelowna has been sentenced, but won’t serve any more time behind bars.

Nathan Truant was sentenced to time served. He spent 81 days in custody, or the equivalent of more than 120 days worth of pre-sentence credit.

Justice Alison Beames accepted the joint submission of the Crown and defence to time served plus 12 months probation.

During sentencing, Justice Beames noted that Carriere might still be alive if Truant hadn’t chased him down, causing him to fall down on the lawn of Kelowna City Hall, where he was kicked and punched by a group of four people, including Truant, and stabbed by co-accused Noah Vaten.

Vaten is scheduled to be sentenced at a later date after pleading guilty to manslaughter. Two youths were also charged in the case.

Truant admitted he chased Carriere when an argument over drugs escalated and Vaten was punched.

However, the judge accepted that Truant didn’t know Vaten had a knife, or that he intended to use it on Carriere.

She also accepted that Truant is remorseful for his role in the killing, and noted his guilty plea as a positive mitigating factor. His criminal record includes prior convictions for assault causing bodily harm and assaulting a peace officer, and those were considered negative mitigating factors.

The attack happened on July 1, 2018, near Kelowna’s Queensway bus loop during the 2018 Canada Day celebrations.

Justice Beames said the fact it took place during a time when the downtown was full of families marking the holiday was also of note, and if Carriere had been able to make it a few more steps, he might not have been killed.

She also pointed out that drugs and alcohol were significant contributing factors to the events leading up to Carriere’s death.

His lawyer noted Truant, who is now 29 years old, had substance abuse issues for about a decade, and that his recent drug of choice was methamphetamine.

The conditions of Truant’s probation include reporting to a probation officer within 2 days of his release from custody, and attending and completing any counselling to deal with his substance abuse problems.

He must also submit a DNA sample and has been prohibited from possession of firearms for five years.

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