Canada’s political landscape looks extremely different Tuesday morning. The Liberals won a minority government, the Bloc won lots of seats, and the NDP may hold the balance of power. CTV News spoke to Montrealers to determine how they were feeling about the results of the federal election.

“Not unexpected that the liberals got a minority, however it’s surprising that the bloc returned,” stated one commuter.

“I was stressed over a Conservative minority therefore the truth that its a liberal minority with the NDP and the greens and hanging onto a reasonable quantity of their seats was positive for me,” stated another.

Some were positive about the rise of the Bloc Quebecois:

“If it benefits Quebec, [the Bloc will support it]; if it’s bad for Quebec, we will not support,” one man said.

Others were positive that a minority government would be more liable to citizens.

“I hope there will be more cooperation in between the celebrations, probably not a main grouping however possibly the NDP, the bloc, the greens will help get some votes passed in the house,” one female stated.

Montreal’s Mayor, Valerie Plante, concurred.

” [A minority] makes it so the government is even more responsible since now individuals can say ‘hey you promised that’ therefore there’ll be more negotiation happening,” she stated on Tuesday.

The mayor added that she plans to press the Liberals for funding for the pink line: a city task that would see a new tunnel dug.

“For a task like the pink line, which I have actually heard really clear and loud that [the liberals] were behind it. I plan on making it very clear that they can help us support that idea,” the mayor stated.

With files from Billy Shields

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