Story sent from Maddie’s mother:

Maddie is a spunky and fun-loving flyer on the Megamouth Mini 2 team with the Cheer Sport Sharks. Cancer has actually been a headache in our family and taken the lives of many loved ones including her Auntie Jean, Auntie Teresa, Uncle Bob, and Great Nana and Great Papa. She’s cheering in their honour.

Maybe most notably, she’s cheering for her Grandma who is a cancer survivor and beaten lung cancer, cancer of the adrenal gland and breast cancer. This December she’s cheering for life and the valuable gift of having her grandma to invest Christmas with.

A $5 contribution to assist battle this evil illness is a remarkable gift.


cheerforthecure Follow Cheer for the Remedy From @cheerevo– Canada’s biggest cheer and dance occasion business. This year we are raising loan for the @cancersociety 💓
Who are YOU Cheering for?

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