The IPF Board of Directors has approved financing for twenty (20) scripted short-form series as part of the 2021 Development Packaging Program.  These are series which are being developed for exploitation primarily on digital platforms and channels. Thirteen (13) of the approved series are in English and seven (7) are in French.  

The IPF and Canada Media Fund are providing a combined investment of roughly $600,000 for these projects and will also provide consultation advisory services to producers.

The Development Packaging Program is designed to support the development of high quality, Canadian, original, scripted short-form series.  The program leverages resources from both the IPF and CMF in order to encourage more positive outcomes in the development of this important format. 

One hundred and four (104) eligible projects were submitted from across Canada – 79 English language, 25 French language.  Applications were received from 7 provinces. 30+ evaluators analysed and rated the projects providing a wide range of perspectives. 

Evaluators looked for originality, quality of written creative materials, the experience of story editor or development executives and their commitment to the project, and overall potential for success.

Both new talents and experienced digital production companies are represented with a wide range of genres for both children and adult demographics, including comedy, drama, puppet, sci-fi, mystery, thriller  and even horror!  

IPF Chair Emilia King commented: “Congratulations to all of the successful teams.  It is incredible to see the depth and quality of the projects at this early stage.  Sincerest thanks to our jury, the IPF staff and my fellow board members for their dedication and hard work selecting these incredible projects.  Can’t wait to see them come to life!”

“CMF is delighted to have collaborated with IPF on the delivery of these funds,” said Valerie Creighton, President and CEO, CMF. “We look forward to seeing the results of these development projects and hope to see them on our screens very soon. Congratulations to the talented teams who submitted a funding application.”

The following productions are the recipients of the IPF 2021 development packaging program:

20h30 chez Mathieu
Productions Bien Joué inc.
Language: French
Producers: Gabriel Bergeron, Sébastien Iannuzzi
Writer: Erika Mathieu
Story Editor: Justine Phillie
Booster Station
Comedy, Sci-Fi
MEMO Films
Language: French
Producers: Carolyne Boucher, Mélanie S. Dubois
Writers: Mélanie S. Dubois, Christelle Gilibert
Story Editor: Zoé Pelchat
Dark Star
Mystery, Thriller
ANMS Media Inc.
Language: English
Producer: Andrew McCann Smith;
Writer: Rob Stockman
Story Editor: Laura Schwartz
Comedy, Drama
Turbo Bobbi Creative
Language: English
Producers: Evan Dell’Aquila, Lisa Filipelli
Writers: Bobbi Summers, Blake Mawson
Story Editor: Olivia Stadler
Development Executive: Melanie Le Phan
Diversified Voices Productions inc.
Language: French
Producer: Josiane Blanc, Ania Jamila
Writer: Josiane Blanc, Ania Jamila
Story Editor: Marie-Claire Marcotte
La Cantine
V10 Média inc
Language: French
Producer: Caroline Gaudette
Writer: Sybille Pluvinage
Story Editor: Benjamin Alix
My Dead Mom
Comedy, Drama
LoCo Motion Productions Inc.
Language: English
Producers: Lauren Corber, Palmer Baranek
Writer: Wendy Litner
Story Editor: Allana Reoch
P.A.M. (Programme d’aspirant moniteur)
Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Babel Films inc.
Language: French
Producer: Marco Frascarelli
Writer: Marjorie Armstrong
Story Editor: Rafaël Ouellet
Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Cream Digital
Language: English
Producer: Kate Harrison
Writer: Dan Magnus, Matt MacLellan
Story Editor: Ian Carpenter
Send Noodz
Comedy, Drama
Scenario Media
Language: English
Producer: Darby Wheeler
Writer: May Truong
Story Editor: Nicole Saltz
Silver Cord
Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
2295344 Ontario Inc.
Language: English
Producer: Davin Lengyel
Writers: Davin Lengyel, Ellie Moon
Development Executive: Craig McGillivray
Comedy, Mystery, Thriller
Pimiento Médias inc.
Language: French
Producers: Orlando Arriagada, Daniela Mujica
Writer: Alexandre Pelletier
Story Editor: Sylvie Bouchard
Stories From My Gay Grandparents
Comedy, Drama
Wheelhouse Productions
Language: English
Producers: Perrie Voss, Scott Farley
Writers: Perrie Voss, Scott Farley
Story Editor: Annie Briggs
Streams Flow From A River
Fae Pictures Inc.
Language: English
Producer: Shant Joshi
Writer: Christopher Yip
Story Editor: JJ (Jenna) Neepin
Drama, Comedy
Language: English
Producer: Kevin Saffer
Writers: Nolan Sarner, Jeff Wood
Story Editors: Hannah Chesman, Sheila McCarthy
Symphonie pathétique
Comedy, Drama
Echo Media
Language: French
Producers: Sarah Châtelain, Luc Châtelain
Writers: Daphnée Côté-Hallé, Lysandre Ménard
Story Editor: Pascale Renaud Hébert
The Drop
Rowboat Pictures Ltd.
Language: English
Producers: Dani Pagliarello, Aisha Evelyna, Liz Whitmere, Evan Landry
Writers: Dani Pagliarello, Aisha Evelyna, Nour Hadidi, Nick Nemeroff
Story Editors: Lisa Codrington
The Shapeshifters
Children, Puppet
Gazelle Automations
Language: English
Producer: Justin T. Lee
Writer: Lindsay Lee
Story Editor: Bob Crossman
The Vivre-Ensemble
Comedy, Drama
CreativeDNA Inc.
Language: English
Producers: Melanie Windle, Steph Ouaknine
Writer: Sarah Goodman
Story Editor: Robby Hoffman
Wild Geese
Drama, Sci-Fi
LaRue Productions Inc.
Language: English
Producers: Andrew Ferguson, Matt King
Writer: Matt Sadowski
Story Editor: Ashley Cooper

Since its inception, the IPF invested $78,017,815 in the production of 294 television drama series and pilots and 152 short form scripted series. It also supported the development of 20 short form series and contributed in sponsorship to 481 professional development activities and events across Canada.

The IPF is incorporated as a charitable foundation with an endowment valued at over $40M. It uses the interest generated by the endowment and return on its project investments for its annual operations and project funding. The IPF Board of Directors is composed of representatives from the industry and makes all final funding decisions.

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