There’s no doubt that sometimes the rumor mill can get a little out of hand on social networks. Whether it’s chatter over a brand-new star couple sighting or a prospective child bump, there’s no anticipating how fans will respond. That’s why it wasn’t all too surprising when the web went wild after Hailey Baldwin made a talk about Instagram gushing over a valuable infant. The offhand comment set fans off with “baby Bieber” fever rumors. The 22-year-old model is no stranger to rumors about her relationship with Justin Bieber, and she dealt with the circumstance perfectly. Here’s how Hailey Baldwin’s action to child fever rumors cleared up the confusion for fans.The whole

” infant Bieber” fever speculation began when Hailey wrote a discuss Kylie Jenner’s Instagram image. The lovable picture shows Kylie’s baby Stormi sitting with her dad, Travis Scott, on a recent outing outside. As all excellent BFFs tend to do, Hailey and Kylie are constantly liking and commenting each other’s Instagram photos. But this time, Hailey offered Kylie’s post some love with a comment that was a bit unusual for fans: “Please stop giving me the most baby fever. She’s the sweetest.”

The post naturally sent out off a wave of responses on social media, and fans were complete on freaking out at the “infant fever” remark. Because Haily and Justin secretly got married in 2015 in a courthouse wedding event, fans are constantly wondering when and where the next huge, surprise announcement will drop. Justin and Hailey have actually both expressed wishing to have kids in the past, so fans can get a little carried away with clues that an infant may be on the method. I imply, Justin and Hailey’s baby would be majorly lovable so I totally get it. Justin even had to close down reports himself about a little one en route just recently with an Instagram post where he shares: “One day I’ll be doing daddy child dates … not meaning anything soon I’m not in a rush.”

So how did Hailey resolve the child rumor this time? She set the record straight by commenting on ET Canada’s Instagram:

Just appreciating my friends lovely daughter. Does not mean I’m having infants anytime soon!Hailey’s no-nonsense technique and comment quickly resolved any rumor that a baby may be on the horizon. Clearly, Hailey leaving an Instagram remark appreciating Stormi in no method recommends that she is pregnant herself, and her response makes that clear. Hailey wasn’t the only celebrity to comment on how adorable that image of Stormi was Kylie’s sibling Kendall Jenner likewise could not resist Stormi’s appeals. Kendall published that her infant fever was “on overload”after seeing the Instagram picture. Looks like “baby fever” is really infectious, though it really does not indicate anybody is in fact having a baby. Fans will just have to keep waiting up until the day that the superstar couple actually does (or does not )drop a stunning pregnancy statement. Till then, I’ll keep my eyes peeled on social networks, since it appears like fans won’t be backing off the”infant fever”report mill at any time quickly.

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