Welcome to the Costco Weekend Sales Update where I’ll keep you all in the loop on the awesome sales Costco releases for the Weekend! I’ll post them here and on our Facebook page for you to enjoy.

OK Jan in Waterdown, let’s see if that little link right above this works for you? I had no clue that you could have more than one skip link on WordPress, learning new things everyday!

I also learned today from Ash in the clothing department that, much to our surprise, Snowsuits are back in stock! The Sunice girls & boys snow suit size 4 – 14 for $69.99, and the Gusti 2PC snowsuit toddler sizes 18M – 3T for $34.99

Yes it would appear that we need a reminder of the colder months to come. Not even halfway through summer and winter is on Costco’s mind… Next thing you know it’ll be August and I’ll start using the “H” word again. (I’ll spare you from it for now folks, but be prepared!)

There were also some nice looking Bench Men’s & Women’s vests in stock.

Again, perhaps a bit soon to think about winter but not a bad deal!

Speaking of deals, here’s a glimpse of the weekend sales.

Claritin allergy 10mg 120 tablets -$8.00 @ $31.99

Chewmasters chicken jerky 907g -$4.00 @ $14.99

Castello Danish blue cheese 2 x 250g -$2.80 @ $8.99

Luminus LED integrated panel pack of 4 -$10.00 @ $24.99

Dermathermes hand sanitizer 4 x 236ml -$4.00 @ $2.99

There were also some delicious looking Peaches sitting there looking like they needed a home. Naturally I obliged.

And while Ontario peaches may be the best ones, these are no pushover. (And on sale for $7.99)

Daisies, Black eyed Susans, Hydrangea and Salvia Oh my! There’s still plenty of 2 gallon perennials left looking for homes as well.

If you wanted to fill in your gardens with bunches of beautiful flowers there is still plenty of time and for $9.99 I almost took them all home… Though until I actually finish planting the last batch I brought home I think I made the right choice by holding off.

Alright folks, it’s late and I’ve gotta get into bed. Have a great weekend, enjoy the sales and please keep the comments coming!

See you all soon… Dexter says bye bye as well.

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