Silver ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are useful for gaining exposure to the price of silver while also enjoying diversification benefits.

Like Gold ETFs, silver ETFs may perform better than the general stock market during turbulent market conditions or periods when inflation gets out of hand.

Investing solely in commodities, either directly or using ETFs is not a sound investment strategy as these assets often go through prolonged periods of poor or negative returns.

At best, silver and other commodity ETFs should comprise only a small portion of your overall portfolio.

Below I cover the best silver ETFs in Canada in 2021, and how to buy them using a discount brokerage account.

What are Silver ETFs?

A silver ETF refers to an exchange-traded fund that holds physical silver bullion, or that invests in the stocks of silver miners.

Some Silver ETFs also provide exposure to the price of silver by using derivatives.

The benefits of owning a silver ETF vs. the actual precious metal include:

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Best Silver ETFs in Canada

Here are the top silver ETFs available in Canada. Note that many of them are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE Arca) and are denominated in U.S. dollars.

1. Sprott Physical Silver Trust

Sprott Physical Silver Trust is one of the few physical silver ETFs you can buy in Canada that’s also available in Canadian dollars on the TSX.

It offers investors exposure to the price of silver, with The Royal Canadian Mint serving as its bullion custodian.

You can redeem your units for the physical bullion if you have at least ten 1000oz silver bars.

2. Global X Silver Miners ETF

Global X Silver Miners ETF gives investors exposure to about 40 silver mining companies, including Canadian miners like Wheaton Precious Metals (25.95%) and Pan American Silver (9.24%).

From a geographical allocation perspective, 59.2% of net assets are in Canada, 12.2% in Russia, and 9.5% in the U.S.

SIL aims to replicate the performance of the Soloactive Global Silver Miners Total Return Index, net of fees, and expenses.

3.  iShares Silver Trust

The iShares Silver Trust is not your typical ETF even if it appears packaged like one.

It offers exposure to the price of silver bullion and tracks the LBMA Silver Price Index.

SLV is listed on NYSE Arca in USD.

4. ETFMG Prime Junior Silver Miners ETF

The Silver ETF provides exposure to companies involved in silver exploration and production, including small-cap miners.

It strives to replicate the performance of the Prime Junior Silver Miners & Explorers Index.

The ETFMG Price Junior Silver Miners ETF top-5 holdings as of this writing include First Majestic Silver Corp, Pan American Silver Corp, Mag Silver Corp, Yamana Gold Inc, and Hecla Mining Company.

5. Horizons Silver ETF

Horizons Silver ETF is the second TSX-listed ETF on my list of the best Canadian Silver ETFs.

It aims to replicate the performance of the Soloactive Silver Front Month MD Rolling Futures Index ER and is denominated in Canadian dollars.

HUZ invests in silver futures contracts and has a 0.79% management fee.

In addition to HUZ, Horizons also offers leveraged silver ETFs including:

6. iShares Silver Bullion ETF

The iShares Silver Bullion is offered unhedged in Canadian dollars (SVR.C) and hedged (SVR).

It provides exposure to the price of silver bullion, less expenses.

The fund utilizes CIBC Mellon Trust Company as custodian for its silver bullion holdings.

How To Buy Silver ETFs in Canada

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