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Canada is one big country, and growing up on the East Coast, my favourite Canadian snacks were things that my Ontarian and British Columbian friends have never even heard of.

When you think of iconic Canadian snacks, maple syrup, beaver tails, and poutine probably come to mind. For me though, it’s all about the dulse and donair sauce.

Understandable, neither of those sounds very appetizing, but hey, neither does a beaver tail.

I grew up between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and with family in Newfoundland, I’ve tried my fair share of East Coast eats.

Whether you’re a fellow Canadian or just moved to the country, go and hunt down one of these East Coast Canadian snacks ASAP.

Better yet, take a trip to Atlantic Canada and get the real thing. A road trip through New Brunswick, P.E.I, and Nova Scotia is full of foodie adventures. Then a flight over to Newfoundland and Labrador is a whole other delicious endeavour.

Here are five iconic Maritime snacks that you won’t find anywhere else in Canada (at least the real version).

Let’s start out strong. garlic fingers are my favourite thing in the world, and I had no idea they mostly existed only in Atlantic Canada until I moved away, and was heartbroken.

I don’t know why they’re not everywhere, because these cheesy, garlicky, delicious things are a slice of heaven.

Honestly, dulse is so not my thing. You can probably find dulse in other coastal spots, but the Bay of Fundy is known for it. It’s huge in New Brunswick and is a selling point in tourist shops.

It’s actually a type of seaweed, dried out and sold as a less-than-tasty snack. If you’re Canadian though, you gotta try it at least once.

The Nova Scotian Hodge Podge. A dish that is traditionally made in the dead of summer from using up the fresh new vegetables in your garden. #homemade #followme #instadaily #foodblog #dinner #like #follow #foodstagram

Hodge Podge is a Nova Scotia stew, full of veggies and meat like mutton. It’s a super traditional, and hearty food. Personally, I think the name is just fun to say.

If you want this tasty treat you’ll have to head over to Newfoundland to get it. Newfoundland might be my favourite province for food because it has really unique meals and snacks.

Partridgeberry is found throughout Newfoundland and Labrador and this treat turns them into a crumbly dessert. They’re really similar to blueberry squares.

Donair Sauce

This goes hand-in-hand with my beloved garlic fingers. Obviously, it’s used on donairs, which is another iconic food of Nova Scotia.

The sweet garlic sauce might seem nasty when you look at the ingredients (sweetened condensed milk, garlic and vinegar) but trust me, it’s delicious.

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