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Canada's oilpatch adjusts to 'new normal' after a year of pain

Project critics see that as a deadly blow, but Enbridge has not given up and continues to work on getting

Alberta, the rest of Canada feels your pain

These remittances don't show up in statistics, but they helped families throughout Atlantic Canada who otherwise would have had to

Why Canada Inc.'s popularity with China could mean long-term pain

Beijing is long-term, patient and strategic as are its corporations and partners, and the list of lobbyists, law firms and

Tax strategy: Working in another province can cause tax pain here

For freelance work or self-employment, there is no limitation on the amount of expenses incurred or a requirement that you

Scenes from a mall: Closure of Target, Staples doubles pain in Smiths Falls

Target announced in January that it was closing all 133 of its Canadian stores, putting more than 17,000 workers out

Oil sands pain spreads all the way to Canada's far-flung eastern shores

Only this time the industry is in Alberta.” While forestry and fishing also provide jobs, unemployment in the region is

Progress and pain legacy of Afghan aid

Instead, Canada's vision was left in the dust, officials told auditors looking into the largest aid program in government history,

Pain of dental fees mounts for Albertans

As patients in the only province without a suggested fee guide, industry experts say Albertans may be oblivious to the

Expect the oil patch's pain to filter down to the work force

Expect rounds of cuts to get under way between February and April, he said. Some of those from other parts

Chronic pain poorly understood, costing Canada billions

Three quarters of the people waiting for care at Canadian pain clinics say it interferes with their normal work life.