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More info, better gov't

The Liberals will conduct a "proper review" of the decades-old Access to Information Act with the aim of figuring out

Canada 'cannot afford any more stolen sisters,' native-women's advocate says

When Dawn Lavell-Harvard's young daughter asked what her advocacy work was all about, the president of the Native Women's Association

Canadian millennials richer, more likely to be working than US counterparts

The economists attribute this to the 2001 extension of parental leave in Canada from 10 weeks to 35 weeks, which

Cost to build navy's new warships more than doubles to $30B

"It is part of our commitment to being responsible stewards of public funds and ensuring value-for-money as Canada works towards

Justin Trudeau tells Paris climate summit Canada ready to do more

"We know that we have work to do, which is why we started the work of getting together even before

Alberta's carbon tax plan 'one more reason why the Western Canadian oilfield …

He's moved Stateside before: during the days of Pierre Trudeau's National Energy Program, when he was a young rig hand

Climate change consequences for people in Canada's Arctic deserves more …

The polar bear has become somewhat of an international symbol for the consequences of climate change but some researchers say

Canada's Youth Need More And Better Opportunities

Ask today's young Canadians about their dreams for the future and you'll find a generation that sounds a lot like

Canada's Syrian Refugee Plan: 10K Refugees To Come By Year's End, 15K More By …

For the component to be brought in by government, Canadian officials are working with the United Nations High Commissioner for

CIBC CEO Victor Dodig says colleges and universities need to make more …

Canada's post-secondary institutions are not producing enough graduates with the right skills to drive future economic growth, warns the head