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Why blasting misogynists online actually works in their favour

Some 43,000 people have petitioned “pickup artist” Roosh V's entry into Canada on grounds that he disseminates hate speech. Yesterday,

Court rules in favour of Canada Post in dispute over community mailboxes

Canada Post welcomed the court decision, saying it would continue to "work collaboratively" with municipalities and homeowners to find suitable

Some 70000 sign petition in favour of free movement between Canada, Australia …

“But it branched out to a lot of my friends … one member in each country that we're campaigning for,

How losses can work in a company's favour

A number of former income trusts have been in an ongoing squabble with the Canada Revenue Agency over the way

Fast court will work in Raonic's favour

The court was always in Milos Raonic's favour. Even more so this year. Tennis Canada's surface of choice at UBC's

England stars think Canada World Cup pitch issue can work in their favour

Last month the complaint was withdrawn but bitterness towards FIFA and the Canadian Soccer Association remain. And talking ahead of

Canada Line employees vote in favour of job action

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Unionized workers for the company that operates the Canada Line have almost unanimously voted in favour of

MacKay's judicial appointments favour prosecutors over defence

Thirteen prosecutors and just two lawyers whose primary work was in defence have been chosen since the Conservative government came

Parties favour Fair Vote Canada philosophy

Local Fair Vote Canada chair Wilf Day said that Northumberland MP Rick Norlock, a Conservative, was invited. He could not

BC argues court ruling in favour of teachers' union robs government of its …

The judge said the goal was to give the government political cover to pass legislation ordering teachers back to work